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In the 21st Century we all live in a technology and media-driven environment, marked by access to an abundance of information, rapid changes in technology tools and the ability to collaborate and make individual contributions on an unprecedented scale. Effective citizens and workers must be able to exhibit a range of functional and critical thinking skills using Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


Goals of the iPad program. Our goal is for students to use iPads as a tool to support key processes in learning - accessing, organising, processing and publishing information, collaboration, creativity and communication - and for teachers to use them as an environment to facilitate deeper engagement in learning and higher-ordering thinking.

iPad Program Information

All students from Years 6 to 9 will have an iPad as their core Information Communication Technology (ICT) to support learning at school and home. The iPad’s compact design, long battery life, accessibility, ease of use and functionality make it an ideal tool to facilitate learning in an information-rich environment.