Cracked Screens

iPad screens are easily broken when dropped or force of any kind is placed upon them. They are not covered by Apple warranty and parents/caregivers will be asked to pay for any damages to the iPad as per the KICE Student iPad Agreement. Cracked screens can cost in excess of  $150 to repair because Apple control the pricing on the replacement screens.

In the event an iPad screen is broken, the ipad will be sent away for evaluation and the parent/caregiver will need to sign a commitment to pay form before the unit will be repaired. It can take up to four weeks for the unit to be repaired and sent back because of all the paperwork  that is required by the school finance and ICT system.

Keeping your iPad in the school provided case at all times will minimise the risk of this happening, please refer to the cases page of this portal for further information.


iPad cracked screen