General Use & Safety

Information Technology – Acceptable Use Policy



All students at Kingscote Campus have the right to access Information Technology; however this comes with certain responsibilities. This policy sets out the rights and responsibilities of computer users at our school.

Student Responsibilities

Acceptable Use:

Students may use the computer network to:

  • carry out school work as assigned by a subject or class teacher
  • explore the internet in connection with school work, as required by the subject or class teacher

Students are not permitted to:

  • download any software unless approved by the Network Administrator
  • eat or drink when using computers
  • check for, or send, emails of a personal nature
  • run or install programs of any kind that have not been approved by the Network Administrator, including all types of games and music
  • use any other logon other than their own to access the network, email or Internet
  • access any wireless internet that has not been provided to them by the school. Devices such as Telstra USB wireless modems and mobile phone internet connections are banned from use at school.
Ethical Use:

We believe that students must be ethical in their use of the school’s IT Network and Internet. For some examples of the type of conduct that we believe breaches the accepted principles of ethical behaviour, please see the full policy. In general however, when using the Internet, students must not:

  • harass, or be abusive, discriminatory or indecent toward, any other person
  • access any Internet sites or subject matter that may jeopardise the reputation of the school or offend others

Penalties for Misuse

If a student breaches this policy by using IT in an unacceptable, inappropriate or unethical way, the penalties will be in line with the school’s Behaviour Management policy, and range from:

  • a warning to the student
  • the student’s access to the computer network being either suspended or revoked
  • suspension, exclusion and report to the SAPOL for any breaches of the law

Network Privacy and Security Issues

Students should be aware that any work or communication created on a school computer is not private, and can be accessed by the Network Administrator at any time.