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helpTo report abuse or receive help/advice on online Safety

  • If someone is in immediate danger, call 000
  • If you want to talk to someone about online safety, you can:
    • If you have found any material online that you believe is prohibited or inappropriate you should contact the ACMA. For further information go to ACMA’s website, where a range of resources are available for parents and caregivers
    • provides information and facilities to help you report inappropriate, harmful or criminal activities that occur online or via a mobile device
    • This information is for people who live in Australia only



  • Open DNS
    • Open DNS provides parents a way to secure their internet connection and prevent access to restricted web sites. The advantage for parents is that  this can be applied to ALL devices in the home
    • More information and set-up  can be found at: OpenDNS 
  • CyberSafe247
    • A Wi-Fi ADSL2+ modem router purchased from cybersafe247 that connects home devices to the Internet like any wireless modem router does, however, the parental control system allows you to view real-time reports of home Internet usage and then set rules to manage its access
    • The user friendly interface is completely flexible allowing you to either block certain websites or schedule when the Internet can be accessed, with an option of applying your rules to the whole house or individual devices
    • More information, purchasing and set-up can be found at:


settingApple iPad Restrictions

  • Apple iPad restrictions
    • Parental controls (Restrictions) are available on the iPad, if needed. These restrictions will only work on downloaded iTunes music, games and apps. Restrictions will not restrict or block inappropriate websites when using Safari or any other web browser app
    • Please be careful with this feature
      • Parental controls can block iPad features that will be needed at school.  Please consult the school for clarification.
      • If you forget the password, the device will need to be wiped and reset to factory settings