School iPad Specifications

  • Apple iPad mini
  • 16GB (sufficient for school use, if a student captures a lot of videos & photos, content may need to be transferred to a computer)
  • Wifi only model (to reduce cost to parents and to ensure internet traffic at KICE is filtered)

Bring Your Own iPad

If you wish to purchase your own iPad for school use families can make their own decisions about where and how to purchase. Some options include:

To ensure compatibility, performance and reliability:

  • iPad supplied by parents must have a camera and be able to run iOS 6, i.e. a second to forth generation iPad
  • Parents can decide whether to supply a 16, 32 or 64 GB iPad
  • WiFi only model to reduce the cost and ensure internet traffic goes through our network services while at school
  • We strongly recommend a robust case that will minimise potential damage
  • iPads will probably need to be replaced after three to four school years


KICE recommends students use volume restricted over-the-ear headphones. See Headphones page for more information.

Other Optional Items

(not required, but some students may find them useful)

  • Bluetooth Keyboard