Turn off iPad email alert chimes

You can turn off the chime for new emails. Go to Settings, then General, then Sounds and turn off the New Mail sound. You can also adjust sound levels here.


Preview more of your emails

The iPads Mail app defaults to previewing two lines of each email before you tap on it. You can set email to show more of an email before loading the whole. To do this open the Settings app, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars and change the Preview options to add more lines.


Turn off iPad push mail

The iPad defaults email to automatically ‘push’ any new emails to you as soon as they are available. You can change this to have your mail accounts check for new messages at intervals, or manually (you tap the Refresh button to check if you have any new mail). To turn off Push, select the Settings app, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Fetch New Data, then turn Push on or off and select time intervals, depending on your choice.