Calendar & Reminders


Adding your Timetable to the Calendar

1. Open up the Calendar App
2. Tap on the day/time you wish to add an event.
3. Tap on the Plus Button, + (Bottom Right)
4. Fill in the Title, Location date, starting time, end time, and description of your event, by using your finger to scroll through the options.
  • If you’d like to be reminded of your event, set your desired notification setting via Alert.
  • If you wish to invite others to the event, select Invites, then enter in their email address.
  • If you’re using multiple calendars, you can also select which calendar this event should be on from the Calendar drop-down menu.


5. Select Repeat
6. If for example, you want the event to repeat every week at the same time, select Every week, then Done (top right).
7. Enter in the End Repeat date. E.g. 1st December

Change days

The navigation bar along the bottom of the screen can be used to switch to different days (or weeks/months, depending on the view you’ve chosen). You can also use your fingers to turn the page as you would a page in a book. The current day is always shown in blue, or you can just tap the Today button to return to the current day.


Getting Started with reminders

Tap the 1st empty row or the “+” button, (top right) and type in your reminder; tap return and your reminder is saved. Tap the entered reminder to tweek its settings; set the day and time to be reminded, if it repeats, it’s priority, which list the reminder belongs to as well as adding extra notes.

Multiple Lists

Reminders lets you create multiple lists. For example, you might create one list for homework, and another one for assignments. Simply tap the “Edit” bottom (top left) within the Reminders app and select ” Create New List”, select “Done” when complete. You can now add reminders into the relevant list.

Recurring Tasks

Reminders will also let you set up recurring tasks. Tap your reminder, select “Remind Me” from the menu on the left. Set up the date and time of the reminder, then select “Done” . You can schedule your task to repeat daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, or yearly.