What is iTunes

iTunes is a powerful application that is used to back-up, sync and transfer files from your computer to your iPad. It is also a storage area for all your content, giving you an easy and intuitive way to browse, search, and organise your audio and video content. It includes the iTunes Store, which is a place to find educational content that can be downloaded to a computer or the iPad. iTunes, is free for both Mac and PC.

What can I do with iTunes?

With iTunes you can back up, sync, transfer files to your portable device as well as import, buy, organise, play, watch, and burn all your different media files.

Using iTunes

1. Open iTunes from either your desktop or from the Start/Program windows or Applications.

2. The iTunes main window will open. This main window is where you have access to all your media files.

The Source List

The source list is the column to the left in the main window. It is made up of the Library, iTunes Store, and Playlists. The source list shows you everything you can organise, play, or sync — from music and movies to playlists and devices. The source list helps you manage your entire collection.


Your library contains everything you’ve downloaded from the iTunes Store or imported, including: music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, games, ringtones, and streaming radio. As your collection grows, you can keep multiple libraries.


One click takes you to the iTunes Store. As you buy, iTunes automatically adds the titles to your library. Downloading starts when you click Buy Now in the iTunes Store.


Your iPad, iPhone, etc., and any CDs you’re burning or importing appear under Devices. Click your iPad, iPhone, etc. and iTunes shows you a summary of everything on it. Click a CD to check the progress of an import or a burn. (Note: Devises not shown in image above as no portable device is connected)


All your playlists appear here. Create new playlists and drag in songs, or create Smart Playlists that automatically update according to criteria you set — music you have added in the last 30 days, for example. Party Shuffle also appears under Playlists. Click it once and iTunes creates a random playlist from your library.