IPAD Approved Apps

General Apps for all subjects

  1. iMovie
  2. iBooks
  3. OverDrive Media Console – Library eBooks and Audiobooks
  4. QR Reader
  5. iPad Guide
  6. Dictionary
  7. Pages
  8. Numbers
  9. Google Earth
  10. Google Maps
  11. Google Chrome
  12. Google Drive
  13. Edmodo
  14. Moodle Mobile
  15. School A to Z
  16. WillyWeather
  17. Popplet Lite
  18. MSW Surf Forecast
  19. Microsoft WORD
  20. Microsoft EXCEL
  21. Microsoft OneDrive
  22. Mathletics Student 
  23. Khan Academy
  24. Convert Units
  25. Bookpress
  26. Reading Eggs
  27. Class Dojo
  28. Apple Classroom
  29. 2048
  30. JollyPhonics
  31. LiteracyPlanet
  32. Math Vocabulary Cards
  33. Popplet Light
  34. PS Express
  35. Read&Write
  36. ReadingEggs Student
  37. SpellingCity
  38. StopMotion
  39. WordShark


The apps listed above are approved for installtion on your school iPad. They are not compulsory but your class teacher my ask you to install them.

Let your class teacher know of any apps that you would like to use on the iPad. The school will do a thorough investigation into whether the app will be useful for learning and cost effective for everyone to use. The app will be added to the list above if the school approves it. Please check this page constantly for updates on the app list.

All social media apps are banned, including;

  • Viber
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Skype

Finding Apps

You can find items in the App store by using the search function, Top right

For Further Help: