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Daymap is a learning and student management system that understands the busy nature of schools and the demands placed on teachers and staff. Daymap has been designed to provide personalised access to a wide range of powerful features. Our core product, includes a range of features that can be used in a customised bundle that meets the needs of Kangaroo Island Community Education.

Daymap can become the one-stop shop for teachers, who can complete a wide range of administration (attendance, student needs, student behaviour) and assessment (tasks, reports, portfolios) functions in Daymap, as well as use the Teacher Portal as the hub for all internal, student, and parent communication.

Likewise, the Student Portal can become a student’s lifeline – a source for all diary notes, lesson information and resources, assessment tasks, school organisation and more. Our touch and mobile friendly interface makes Daymap accessible on all devices, and our web-based platform allows students to access their Daymap wherever they are.