Laptop Policies

Guidelines for acceptable use of ICT by students is expressed in the KICE Student Resource Agreement which includes the KICE ICT – Acceptable Use Policy (below). School rules, policies and procedures bind Laptop use in all things that relate to school.

The laptop is provided as a tool to assist student learning both at school and at home. Students and parents/carers must carefully read this Agreement prior to signing.

School Laptop Auditing

ICT technicians audit/check each Laptops randomly for appropriate use of apps, data, school ICT services, this can be done by any KICE staff member as appropriate. This includes browsing history, appropriate software and condition of the laptop/case and charger. Laptop’s are collected and audited at random when students are/or suspected of using inappropriately.


  • The laptop remains the property of the School.
  • The School can request the laptop be returned for any reason at any time.
  • If the student leaves prior to completing Year 12, the laptop must be returned to the school at the time of departure.
  • All material on the laptop as well as material accessed using the school network is subject to review by School staff.


Damage or Loss of Equipment

  • Loss, damage or theft of the laptop must immediately be reported to the School.
  • The parent or student will be required to pay for the cost of repairs or for a replacement machine.
  • In the case of suspected theft or malicious damage caused by another person off-site from the School, a police report must be made by the family and an incident number provided to the School.
  • Students will be required to replace lost or damaged chargers, bags or other peripherals.


Faulty Equipment Students who experience problems with their laptop must notify the IT Staff. The laptop will be repaired as quickly as possible and returned to the student. Where there is an issue with software, the main course of action will be to re-image the laptop. The student will be provided with a replacement laptop if available. When a laptop is replaced, it will be replaced with one of a similar age and specification where possible.

Student Responsibilities

The student is responsible for:

  • Bringing the laptop fully charged to school every day.
  • Taking the laptop to every class unless instructed otherwise by a teacher.
  • Adhering to the School’s ICT Acceptable Use Policy
  • Backing up data securely on the school network and at home.
  • Ensuring that the identification sticker is not removed from the laptop or charger.
  • Keeping the laptop secure when not in use at school by placing it in a locked school locker.

Following appropriate safety and care procedures including:

  • Transporting the laptop in the case provided at all times.
  • Not packing/placing heavy items such as textbooks on top of laptop that could cause screen damage.
  • Handling the laptop carefully and taking care not to drop it.
  • Ensuring that food and drinks are kept well away from the laptop.
  • Ensuring that no items e.g. earphones, pens etc are left lying on the screen before closing.

A student who does not fulfil these responsibilities may have their right to take the laptop home removed.

Parent/Carer Responsibilities

The student’s parents/carers are responsible for:

  • Supervising the student’s laptop and Internet use at home to ensure that the student is using the laptop safely and responsibly. KICE cannot filter Internet content accessed by your child on the laptop from home and other locations away from school. KICE recommends the use of appropriate Internet filtering software. More information about Internet filtering can be found at, or
  • Paying any costs incurred by the School in repairing or replacing the laptop where the student has been deemed responsible.

Appropriate insurance cover – i.e. home and contents insurance – must be arranged for the whole of the period during which the laptop is off school premises; this applies for periods of transit in private vehicles. Otherwise you will be liable for the cost of replacement out of your own pocket. Department Insurance will not cover this


Staff use of ICT is bound by the DfE ICT Acceptable Use Agreement. Go to LearnLink intranet for more information and up to date copies of all DfE policies.