At KICE we allow our students to learn for the 21st century. How teachers teach, will often reflect how our students learn. As the world around us is rapidly changing, connecting, adapting and evolving, it is important for teachers to reflect on the world our students will move into. Our style and approach to teaching must highlight the learning in the 21st century..

21st Century Learning and Changing Pedagogies Framework


Linking to Australian Curriculum General Capabilities – ICT

Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT

  • Investigating with ICT
  • Creating with ICT
  • Communicating with ICT
  • Managing and operating ICT

KICE IT Action Plan (tap document to enlarge)

goals2 goals3

As a broad guide, we have the following goals.

1. laptops & iPad’s will be used to facilitate learning by allowing students to:

  • access, use, create and publish digital and online information
  • develop knowledge, understanding and skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving
  • collaborate with others
  • communicate, in a variety of ways, their knowledge and learning experiences.

2. Students will use laptops & iPad’s as a tool to manage their work and learning.

3. Students will develop age-appropriate ICT skills and understandings, including the responsibilities of online citizenship.

4. Students will accept responsibility for:

  • their personal actions when using ICT
  • the care and functionality of their device