Online Safety

The Internet provides access to vast amounts of information and the opportunity for children to meet and communicate with people from around the world.

While online safety is important for protecting children from dangerous and inappropriate websites and materials, this does not mean that parents should discourage their children from accessing the Internet. The challenge is to help children enjoy the benefits of going online while avoiding the risks (Enough is Enough Blog, 2011). 

The following items a provided to help you can get the most out of your time online while staying safe.

Online Behaviour

What you do online can affect your whole world.
Keep yourself safe online:girl_red
  • avoid unwanted contact; keep your personal details private
  • don’t share your passwords, not even with friends
  • don’t post anything you don’t want others to see or know about.
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Cyberbullying is using technology to deliberately and repeatedly bully someone else. It can happen to anyone, anytime, and can leave you feeling unsafe and alone.
Cyberbullying can include: boy_green
  • abusive texts and emails
  • posting unkind messages or images
  • imitating others online
  • excluding others online
  • inappropriate image tagging.
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Parental Concerns

As a parent, you play an important role in helping your children have safe and positive experiences online. By becoming aware of how young people use the internet and some of the risks they face, you can guide your children with strategies to get the best of the online world.girl_blue
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Young people today have never known a world without the internet. There is a large range of available online resources to help you learn more about online safety and how to protect yourself.boy_orange
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