Programme Information

All students from Years 4 to 7 will have an iPad and all students from Years 8 to 12 will have a laptop as their core Information Communication Technology (ICT) to support learning at school and home.



Students will be responsible for ensuring that:

  • they use the device in accordance with school rules, policies and procedures as well as expected standards
  • they have their device with them in class
  • there is always space on their device for the storage of school-related files
  • the device is charged
  • device has the required apps installed and texts available
  • problems or damage are promptly reported to IT Support
  • theft is reported immediately to SAPOL and the school

Students are permitted to place music, take pictures etc on their device with the expectation that:

  • content inappropriate for school and learning should not be on any device as per the KICE ICT – Acceptable Use Policy
  • space is left in the memory for files for school-work

Students who fail to meet their responsibilities in regard to their device will be dealt with via the schools’s discipline system.  Students will be instructed to delete apps used inappropriately while at school.

Students will store their device in their school provided locker or classroom when not in use.

Parents / Carers

When the device is not at school, parents/carers will need to support their children in the device’s use and care.

Families can decide whether to insure their child’s device.  Please consult your insurance broker.


As is the case in all facets of life at school, our staff will endeavor to support students in their development of responsible behaviour and actions.



“This information have been used with permission from the Redlands College iPad portal –”