The ICT programme will provide a range of opportunities to either enhance or transform teaching and learning in specific ways at Kangaroo Island Community Education.

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Technology will allow practices or processes to be substituted for other non-digital mechanisms, including:

  • textbooks and class handouts available on iPad
  • note-taking and data collection
  • completion and submission of workbooks in PDF format
  • feedback on drafts emailed between teachers and students
  • storage/display of stimulus in Art

Teaching and Learning

Technology will enhance teaching and learning through:

  • internet research and communication
  • exploring mathematical concepts using spread sheets
  • videos / animations that complement teaching
  • study / note-taking templates
  • persistent, instantaneous feedback on drafts /notes
  • extension / consolidation of maths concepts
  • eBooks apps that include embedded dictionaries, internet searching and note taking features
  • ‘text’ specific apps for English

Changing Pedagogies

Technology will allow significant modification and redefinition of teaching, learning and assessment via:

  • collaborative, online brainstorming
  • video analysis in performance based subjects
  • video logs of personal reflections on learning
  • podcasting
  • multimodal assessment tasks
“I have used it (my iPad) for everything, it has been my learning tool.”
Year 7 Student

We expect to identify and develop additional ways that the availability of technology can enhance or transform the learning environment by allowing students to:

  • access and use content
  • communicate
  • think critically and problem-solve
  • think creatively
  • collaborate
  • manage learning and time

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